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Your Hair, Your Life, and Why it Matters!

Your hair is a form of expression of who you are. It is an extension of your personality. But the significance of hair is far more deep-rooted (pun intended) than you might have thought. Let us discuss how your hair affects your emotions, self-esteem, behavior, and why you should take care of it.

We’ve all had bad hair days; a bad hair day makes you miserable because things didn’t go right from the onset of a new morning. Similarly, have you noticed how a fresh haircut gives you a confidence boost? Sometimes we take our hair health for granted, and then a nerve is struck when we start to see bald spots or excessive hair fall. These simple examples go to show how our hair and emotions are entangled together more than we conscientiously give credit for and realize. But before we discuss the emotional significance of hair, let’s see how hair has shaped us throughout history and does so even today.

A Brief History of the Significance of Hair

Throughout history, humans have considered hair to be of great importance. From religions to entire social systems, hair has dictated how we behave as a society. In the old age of the pharaohs, the rulers wore hair ornaments and wigs to showcase their power. In ancient Greece, hair depicted self-worth and beauty. Up until the 18th century, women wore their hair in extravagant fashions to show elegance and class. In the 1950s, hair even played a significant role in the liberation of Chinese women. They opted for a short bob cut called the “Liberation Hairdo” to symbolize that women have power over their own lives.

Even today, certain religions and social systems demand that your hair be fashioned in a certain way. The Sikhs today believe that uncut hair depicts virtue, and monks shave their hair to showcase modesty. Judges wear wigs in the courtroom that represent wisdom. All things considered, we can see how hair has impacted society through its representation via cultural shifts, ideologies, and religious views throughout history. It is an essential aspect of what makes us humans.

Why is Hair so Important to Us?

The reasons why hair is important to us are beyond just history and culture.

Hair also depicts good health and youth. Do you remember the first time you saw your own gray hair and the weight that the moment carried? We associate good hair health to youth and vigor, so hair loss, thinning hair, etc. makes us feel fragile and old. Consequently, hair also depicts maturity and wisdom. We associate white hair with experience and maturity.

Hair also has an important place when it comes to our personal aesthetics. Your hair is the first thing you look at when you look at yourself in the mirror. It is also the first thing people notice about you; it helps you set yourself apart and helps establishes identity. Hair is also one of the core features used to describe someone. Hair plays a vital role in attraction as well; it influences what others feel towards you and is a reflection of your own self-image. That is where the emotional aspect of hair comes into play.

The Entanglement of Hair and Emotions

You must have come across the rather cliché movie scene where a character makes drastic changes to their hair when faced with a dilemma. That isn’t true only in fiction, though. There have been several studies that show a link between your hair and your emotions. Usually, when faced with a difficult situation, you may feel insecure or scared. Your hair offers you several avenues when it comes to dealing with conflicting emotions and has a significant personal meaning in many cases. In Japan, for example, women sometimes cut their hair to reflect changes in her life. By cutting off their hair, they feel that they are bold and strong enough to make a change and feel empowered to move in a new direction.

But one of the most notable effects that hair has on your life is your confidence.

Confidence and Hair

Studies show a close tie between hair and confidence. Just as a bad hair day brings you down, a good hair day has the opposite effect. You feel energized, empowered, and confident when you’re rocking a hairstyle that makes you feel good. The reason has to do with our perception of ourselves. If we believe that we look attractive, it boosts our confidence exponentially and makes us have a positive attitude. It increases our self-worth and improves our self-esteem drastically.

That being said, bald men are also often said to be more confident. The reason is that they tend to overcome their insecurities and accept themselves for who they are. Women, especially in many traditional cultures, directly attribute hair with beauty and self-confidence. So wherever you come from, if you want a full head of hair to feel your absolute best, then more power to you! For those who value their self-esteem, having healthy hair is directly correlated with attaining a positive mental state. Mostly when you take care of your health & hair, you prepare yourself to face all the challenges the world can throw at you; and that is what makes you more confident and worth doing.

Since we all know how harsh it is to experience hair loss or hair thinning, let us now discuss why you should take care of your hair and bring back its vibrance.

Why Should You Take Care of Your Hair

In the US, on average, women spend $55,000 on hair treatment and products during their lifetime.

As discussed till now, your hair has a significant effect on your quality of life. You need to have healthy hair so that you are not worried, stressed, or have your self-esteem impacted. Also, the main reason you should take care of your hair is to prevent yourself from the adverse effects of hair loss and hair thinning, etc. Suffering from hair loss can hurt your life, bring down your confidence, and pull you down the rabbit hole of stress and depression (I’ve been there).

Remember the saying, “prevention is better than cure?” So, when possible, do what you can take care of your hair seriously to avoid and prevent adverse side effects to your emotional state and, consequently, your quality of life. Begin by making a concentrated effort to start taking care of your hair and your health. Remember, only you can decide to take care of yourself, so make sure you do so!

Final Thoughts

Undermining your hair care is not an option if you wish to have a healthy head of hair. You need to proactively give your hair some TLC to keep not only your hair healthy, but yourself confident and happy. It would be best if you ate a balanced diet to help provide your hair with the proper nutrients to grow. Taking some vitamins wouldn't hurt either. You need to control your stress and include some natural remedies to stimulate hair growth and aid in hair fall control. These things are not optional as you age and realize your metabolism and energy levels are not what they were when you were a teenager. Just like everything else, it requires some maintenance and effort, and quite literally, the more you put into it, the more you get out. Kind of like taking care of a plant and nourishing it to sprout healthy leaves (funny, right?)


Hair has had a long relationship with our culture and history, and we instinctively wish to have healthy hair. Healthy hair depicts youth and empowerment and helps us be more confident and have a positive outlook towards life. Your hair helps define who you are. So it is of paramount importance that you take care of your hair because it is akin to taking care of yourself. Eating right, maintaining an active lifestyle, and proper supplementation will keep your hair happy and healthy and give you a positive outlook towards your daily routine. The reward of having healthy hair is well worth it.

So if it hasn’t been stressed enough already, to lead a happy, confident, and satisfying life, make sure to take care of your hair!

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